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Our Story

I started Pup and Puzzle after having our beautiful girl Maya (above!) for two years. Those two years I spent constantly searching for ways to entertain her.

She was always up to mischief, constantly underfoot, full of energy and very intelligent .... and yet was never very bothered about walks and often suffered from hip pain so long walks weren't always an option. So she would then drive us mad in the house. She also has an easily upset tummy so treats had to be natural and long lasting to give me time to get things done without her. 

Here started my research into canine enrichment. Learning about everything I can do to give her her best life. I spent so much time searching through blogs and groups for toy based enrichment for when she had a bad tummy, food based enrichment for when I needed her to be entertained without me, trying to find the best products to keep her mentally stimulated and therefore less needy and ready for a good nap! 

I found that I could find one good product in one place, another in another place and really struggled to be able to place one order with a selection of things I wanted for her. 

So I made this site to make it easier for people to buy all the good, tried and tested (by dogs!) dog enrichment products in one place. 

I hope you find what you're looking for. And if there's ever anything you found that you think we should be stocking, do let us know!

Claire x

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