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  • Do you have any toys designed for very heavy chewers?
    Yes we do! Here at Pup and Puzzle we want to make sure all dogs have toys to play with. We have the Westpaw Rumpus which is a chew toy designed for heavy chewers and the Sodapup Crazy bounce aslo made for super heavy chewers.
  • How do I contact you?
    You can either fill out our contact form on Pup and Puzzle website - Or email us directly at
  • How long do I have to return my product?
    Changed your mind - If you have changed you mind and no longer want the product you have 14 days to return it. It must be in new condition and still have its packaging Unfortunately we cannot offer free return shipping. This cost will be covered by you. Damaged during use - Many of our products offer guarantees so if damage occurs to the product please either check the product description to see the guarantee time or contact us at where we can let you know how to proceed. This may be a replacement product more suited to your dogs size/chew style or a full refund depending on the brand.
  • How do I know which toys are best for my dog?
    Size - Always check the size guideline in the product description. A toy made for a small dog can easily be a chocking hazard for a larger dog. Additionally the wrong size toy often becomes damaged much more quickly than one that is designed for a different sized dog. Style - Certain products are designed for heavy chewers, other for much more delicate ones. Any product that has been designed for heavy chewers will say so on the product description. Within our range we have Westpaw zogoflex, Sodapup and Tug-e-nuff all designed to last and have guarantees in case damage does occur more quickly than you'd expect. Within these brands are different levels of toughness and you will find a photo explaining (examples below).
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