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Welcome to Pup and Puzzle, the ultimate destination for dog enrichment toys and natural dog chews!

cute dog holding a toy on white backgrou


Don't let your dog feel left out this Christmas with our pawfect dog Christmas gifts.

We have fun Christmas themed eco dog toys, puzzle feeders and tasty natural treats that are perfect for their stockings.

We have limited stock of these items so don't delay! 

Dog Enrichment Toys

Embrace the power of toys for your dog


Engage your pup with interactive dog toys designed to mentally stimulate, exercise, and strengthen the bond between you whilst allowing natural, instinctive behaviors.


So, grab these enrichment toys and watch as your pup happily engages in their innate instincts while enjoying quality time together.

Dog and sodapup crazy bounce interactive dog toy
Dog and West Paw Toppl dog puzzle toy

Dog Puzzle Toys and Slow Feeder Bowls

Up your pups mealtime fun with dog puzzle toys

Shake up your dogs mealtime routine and stimulate their brain by incorporating toys that require your pup to interact with them to get food out such as dog puzzle toys into their feeding regime.


Natural Dog Chews and Treats

All natural with no nasties

Enrichment doesn't have to be high energy.


Give your dog a chance to chew with these natural, long lasting dog chews and treats,  keeping tummies happy and dogs satisfied and calm. 

Our selection boxes, including a puppy chew box, offer a great variety of treats for all ages!

spaniel with natural dog chew

Our Brands

Dog Enrichment Bundles

The perfect way to try new enrichment toys and save some money compared to buying the items individually!